Lightspeed has announced a strategic partnership with Affectiva to capture emotional coding within its surveys. Benzinga brought this news to us in their article, “Lightspeed Introduces Emotion Analytics.”

Emotion Analytics was initially launched in 2016 to offer researchers the ability to quantify emotion from more than 5.5 million Lightspeed panelists in real time through Affectiva’s emotion recognition technology built on an automated facial coding system.

This exciting technology uses algorithms that measure the movement of all 43 facial muscles. Affectiva’s system quantifies 20 facial expressions and seven emotions, the intensity of those emotions and whether they are positive or negative.

It then leverages Affectiva’s dashboard to evaluate the moment-by-moment emotional reaction and engagement to an advertisement by age and gender.

Gaining insights from consumers requires trust and a positive relationship. This new technology helps Lightspeed collect emotional measurement responses as well as a wide range of valuable information about habits, characteristics and behaviors.

Melody K. Smith

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