Digital processes in the United States are still impressive, even to those in the technology world. It is easy to forget that the digital revolution did not just affect the North American continent. Over the years, Kenya has seen technology become embedded across many industries ranging from banking, telecommunications, retail, insurance and even government. Standard Digital brought this news to us in their article, “Embracing digital healthcare in Kenya.”

Kenya’s embrace of technology can also be seen in the public sector, with e-government helping provide access to services previously burdened by laborious manual processes and red tape.

One area of the technology revolution that has been slower to advance is digital healthcare. There are numerous benefits that digital technology can provide, such as improving the quality of patient care and reducing costs over the long term.

Kenya’s health programs are primarily focused on immunization and combating diseases like HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, which account for an overwhelming majority of deaths in the country.

Melody K. Smith

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