Data security for any organization is of great importance. Keeping hackers out of their systems and data is a huge part of their information management plans. But what about the employees? What measures are in place to protect the data from staff? This interesting information came to us from DARK Reading in their article, “60% of Businesses Mistakenly Sent out Sensitive Documents.”

A new study of more than 200 business owners, CEOs, executives, and information management workers by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network found that while most are concerned about cyberattacks and breaches of critical documents, the top concern by a fair margin is an employee accidentally sending out confidential information.

An accidental breach is still a breach, and the amount of data affected can be staggering. When you consider that close to 75% of respondents say they or their staff produce documents containing sensitive information on a least a weekly basis, and more than 33% do so daily, the potential for data breaches, accidental or otherwise, is severe.

Melody K. Smith

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