The Center for Data-Driven Discovery (C3D) at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory welcomed Line Pouchard, a computational science information specialist, who joins C3D as a senior researcher. Newswise brought this interesting information to us in their article, “Turning Research Data Into Scientific Discoveries.”

Pouchard had been an assistant professor at Purdue University since 2014, where she led the investigation of the scientific big data landscape. Her research at Purdue focused on aspects of data management and curation for the storing, sharing, and reuse of research data.

“As an information scientist with a passion for making connections between people and data to discover new knowledge for evidence-based decision-making, I am excited by the opportunity to take on the complex data curation challenges produced by experiments at Brookhaven Lab,” said Pouchard.

One of the systems Pouchard has developed in her career is an online repository of ontology entities for describing satellite and remote-sensing observations, climate simulations and other earth science datasets. This ontology repository provides detailed descriptions and annotations that help scientists search for and share data.

Melody K. Smith

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