The Public Library of Science (PLOS) supports scientific communities wanting to broadly distribute research in open and accessible ways with their latest innovation, PLOS Channels. STM Publishing News brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “PLOS Channels Provide A Scholarly Home for Research Communities.”

Channels are resources for research communities. Each is a single destination that features curated research articles, commentary, blogs, news and discussions. They provide the opportunity for specialized communities to curate and present published research important to their work.

What makes them special is each channel is curated by a small group of editors who are also researchers and who continuously bring together and showcase recently published research content selected from the broad scope of PLOS journals.

The first three PLOS Channels are: The Veteran Disability & Rehabilitation Research Channel, The Open Source Toolkit Channel, and The Tuberculosis Channel. This is just the beginning. The PLOS editorial team welcomes proposals for Channels and looks forward to working with many more communities, research groups and funders.

Melody K. Smith

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