Metadata can give insights into data usage and also uncover patterns that enable predictive intelligence to automate storage efficiently and make your budget look pretty sweet. Network World brought this news to us in their article, “The magic in your metadata.”

With buzzwords like “artificial intelligence” and “analytics” making their way through the world of technology, it seems many have forgotten one of the most reliable ways to make insight-driven decisions — metadata.

Metadata is data about data, and it is the key to significant insight for enterprises. Knowing anything about the data used in an enterprise starts with metadata, which notes important details, such as when a file was last opened, how often it has been accessed, who accessed it, its size, its location, and so on.

Not only does metadata give unprecedented insight into data usage, but it can also uncover patterns that enable predictive intelligence to improve storage efficiency. Safe archival storage processes are a significant benefit.

Melody K. Smith

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