Atento Digital was recently launched as a global business unit integrating all of the company’s digital assets to generate additional value for clients and drive growth across verticals and geographies. Market Watch brought this news to us in their article, “Atento Launches Digital Business Unit to Drive Customer Experience in the Digital Age.”

In their first steps, Atento Digital signed a strategic partnership and acquisition of a minority stake in Keepcon, a leading provider of automated customer experience management based on semantic technology. Atento Digital expanded the artificial intelligence (AI) and automatization capabilities of its platform using Keepcon semantic technology. The integration of this technology with Atento’s existing solutions allows users to monitor, analyze and manage customer sentiment and needs through social media in real time.

According to David Cardoso, Atento Digital Global Director, “With a wide range of digital assets developed over the years and the expansion of digital capabilities though our partners, the creation of Atento Digital significantly strengthens our company’s commitment to drive customer experience in the digital age.”

Melody K. Smith

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