LinkedIn is tapping into the entire user community to make matches between mentees and leaders with less commitment than traditional mentorship relationships. Fast Company brought us this interesting information in their article, “LinkedIn Is Testing A New Feature That Matches You With A Mentor.”

Mentorship can be a valuable stepping stone to career advancement for both parties. Ironically, most never experience a formal mentor relationship. It can be the ultimate key for professional development by bringing about positive, tangible solutions through addressing mentees’ recurring subconscious patterns and beliefs which often sabotage their desired success.

To help achieve these benefits, LinkedIn is testing out a new free service for members that will match them with other professionals who can give them that much needed career advice. “Think of it as a new form of mentorship that’s virtual, lightweight, and that fits today’s changing workplace,” says Suzi Owens, group manager of Consumer Products, Corporate Communications  at LinkedIn.

Melody K. Smith

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