The ability to examine and analyze text for insights can make a huge difference in solving business problems. From simple questions to complex application requirements, determining what content really contains and how it can benefit the business is a critical skill in today’s business environment. This interesting information came to us from KM World in their article, “Using Text Analytics to Unlock Business Insight.”

KMWorld recently held a roundtable webinar with Will Johnson, co-founder and CTO at Attivio, and Simran Bagga, principal product manager at SAS, who discussed why text analytics and natural language processing (NLP) are critical capabilities of cognitive solutions, strategies for delivering effective, artificial intelligence (AI)-based information discovery systems to businesses, and more.

A spectrum of enrichment techniques that include taxonomies/ontologies, dictionary-based entity extraction, pattern based entity extraction, machine learning, statistical entity extraction, and language model-based key phrase analysis are the tools Attivio brings to the table. Integrated NLP and text analytics provide insight across disparate sources.

Melody K. Smith

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