The popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) technology continues to grow. But has it grown too fast to be safe? NETWORK WORLD brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “A lack of IoT security is scaring the heck out of everybody.”

A recent survey of IT-decision makers found that 78% of respondents thought that it was at least somewhat likely that their organizations would experience data loss or theft enabled by IoT devices within the next two years.

With the volume of small-scale connected devices and other parts of the IoT that are highly insecure, IT departments are anxious about the risks. IoT gadgets aren’t particularly tempting targets, so manufacturers don’t fuss too much about security. However, in great numbers they can be easily compromised.

The management of the IoT also has areas of concern. With the speed of growth, there is poor management in most organizations with regard to IoT inventory. Eighty five percent said that there is a lack of centralized responsibility for those devices, and over half cited a lack of resources available to perform this task.

Melody K. Smith

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