Many organizations are focusing on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things – key buzzwords in technology these days. However they are not exhaustive in scope or potential. There is still potential to drive digital transformation within companies by implementing an effective intranet. This interesting information came to us from Information Age in their article, “The intranet should be a starting point for digital transformation.”

In many workplaces, intranet technologies are not thought of in strategic terms. That is unfortunate because as changes continue to take place, information technology needs to focus on all users, including employees.

Whilst organizations are focused on leveraging new technologies like machine learning, it is important to remember that employees deliver customer experience via the intranet. It is the core delivery point of your employee engagement experience. It should come as no surprise that according to a recent (2017) Digital IQ study done by PwC, 82% of top-performing companies pay attention to the human experience surrounding digital technology.

Melody K. Smith

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