New York-based startup Kadaxis won the BookTech Company of the Year Award last year. They were recognized for using data science to improve book discovery across the publishing value chain – for authors, publishers and readers. The Bookseller brought this information to us in their article, “How BookTech winner Kadaxis is bringing better data to books.

Since then, they have expanded their keyword analysis offering to incorporate the learning and feedback gathered from adding keywords to thousands of books. From this data they built predictive models to help determine which books are most likely to benefit from keywords, increasing the return on publishers’ investments. This new technology is very useful for evaluating backlist titles and keyword curation.

Now that they’ve developed the market and increased awareness of the benefit of keywords, their labors and success have not gone unnoticed. However, beyond solving the technical problem, there is a huge amount of work required to understand the nuances of publishing book data, search engines and how individual publishers operate.

Melody K. Smith

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