Metadata is not new. When the origins of a document are at issue, you know to examine that document’s metadata. Mining for metadata is a completely different beast. It is the process of using software to systematically search through the metadata embedded in a collection of documents. Lexology brought us this interesting information in their article, “Mining for Metadata:” Will You Strike Gold or Strike Out?

Since metadata can sometimes determine or affect the outcome of litigation, it is important to know how and when you may mine an opponent’s metadata. It is equally important to know how you can protect yourself from those who may want to mine yours.

There are some who question the ethics of mining for metadata, and opinions vary by state. While metadata is often harmless, it can potentially include sensitive, confidential, or privileged information. As such, it presents a serious concern for attorneys charged with maintaining confidentiality for both themselves and their clients.

Melody K. Smith

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