There are many options in the world of reference data management (RDM) tools. The source article seeks to help organizations weigh through the various options available to them. We want to highlight a couple of those options. You can read through the comprehensive list for the comprehensive list. Information Management brought this information to us in their article, “12 top tools for reference data management.”

Collibra Reference Data Accelerator features centralized governance, management, stewardship and distribution. It has strong taxonomy support and mappings, model-driven ease of deployment, implementation and use. Data governance is key to achieving data integrity.

Semarchy xDM v4 offers agile methodology with a flexible architecture and single platform for MDM (master data management) and RDM . Its semantic model, rather than pre-built model, enables flexibility to manage simple-to-complex reference data, and its workbench simplifies physical MDM and allows focus on the logical model.

Though it is not on the author’s list, we’d like to add Data Harmony to the list of data management tools. The Data Harmony suite of software products is composed of several modules designed to simplify the management of databases or text collections, with support for editorial processes. Data Harmony benefits from the XML standard, and uses screen interfaces written in Java as a means to be platform independent.

Melody K. Smith

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