You already know my fascination with odd taxonomies and classifications. Remember the deeper dive into Tom Cruise movies? Or how about the post identifying traits of hipsters? And let’s not forget the one on coffee… mmm coffee. So when I see an article titled, “A taxonomy of the jilted“, you know I can’t just scroll on by. This one came to us from the Ahmedabad Mirror.

Classifying feelings is challenging. However this particular “taxonomy” is looking at the reactions and behaviors, less so about the human emotion serving as the catalyst. Not a true taxonomy, but certainly the process of classifying something according to shared qualities or characteristics.

This particular article puts the types of ‘rejectee’ responses into seven different categories. My personal favorite is the Scarlett O’Haras. “Just as Scarlett said she’d never go hungry again, so these rejectors decide they will never love again because they got rejected at 17. They go through life stone-faced and emotionally unavailable. They do not believe in love, or perhaps anything good. To love one such is to live in a constant state of rejection.”

Melody K. Smith

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