Crowdsourcing is becoming quite popular. Imagine it is like asking your neighbors for a recommendation of where they got their new windows but multiply it by however big your “crowd” is. It isn’t always about recommendations; sometimes it is developing solutions for a situation that needs the combination of talent and genius found among your friends and colleagues. SharePoint Maven does this on his blog and most recently in his article, “4 ways to create cool custom views in SharePoint.”

Sharing tips and tidbits to help users discover more benefits of using SharePoint, he offers tips to personalize views, lists and tasks and “the coolest tricks” available.

Data Harmony software tools work independently or in combination with content management systems like SharePoint, to provide a robust and effective system for categorization, indexing, classification, and filtering of data. This results in pinpoint accuracy in document retrieval, allowing more effective knowledge management.

Melody K. Smith

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