Because we are at the year end, information professionals are looking back at the year’s accomplishments and challenges while speculating what 2018 will bring in the technology and information management world. For digital asset management (DAM) systems, the future holds new opportunities to manage tasks and technological functionality that will enhance the inventory, control and distribution of digital assets. CMS Wire brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “DAM: The Future of Content.”

Sometimes DAM systems are confused with content management systems (CMS), which are designed to organize and publish editorial content. CMS and DAM are two systems that work with digital content but are designed for different tasks. DAM is for working with digital media files and CMS is responsible for the publication of editorial content. They are not interchangeable.

The original premise of DAM, which hasn’t changed much over the years, was that you could unlock the value of your assets by having one place to collect them, from where everyone could find, transform, and distribute them. The reality of DAM is still working towards that goal. Maybe 2018 will be their year.

Melody K. Smith

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