Artificial intelligence (AI) has become gold for developers, and their tools and technologies make it relatively easy for them to tap into AI capabilities without requiring deep subject knowledge. Tech Crunch brought this news to us in their article, “Oracle adds AI development service to platform offerings.”

Oracle climbed on board the AI train with an extension of the tools the company has been using in-house to build AI-fueled applications for their own customers. The service is designed to give their customer a similar set of tools to build their own AI applications.

Oracle is trying to make it easier for customers to build AI applications. They want to make it easier to set up an integrated offering. The service is designed to alleviate challenging issues for developers.

In addition to the general AI development platform, the company is offering more specific offerings around chatbots, Internet of Things and adaptive intelligence apps that will all be available in the coming weeks.

Melody K. Smith

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