Artificial intelligence (AI) is just new and evolving enough that it is considered both good and bad. A powerful technology that has many foreseeable benefits and potentially a dangerous tool in the hands of the wrong people. Database Trends and Applications brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in 2018: Seven Predictions.”

Some information technology professionals have put together predictions for the changes we may see in 2018 due to AI. One of those predictions includes the value that AI has demonstrated value in industries across the board. No company wants to be left behind, and whether it’s by optimizing their hardware for AI processing or using machine learning to speed up tasks, every major brand has invested heavily in AI.

AI’s success will continue in a new area: troubleshooting. AI can help individuals and help desks tackle issues, enabling them to focus on critical problems that AI itself can’t help. In 2018 by guiding and augmenting humans in solving hard problems.

Melody K. Smith

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