Data sets are key for artificial intelligence (AI). This point was driven home at the recent Global AI 2017 award ceremony by Kai-Fu Lee, founder and CEO of venture capital firm Sinovation Ventures. This interesting information came to us from CCTV in their article, “Open access to datasets crucial for nurturing AI talents.”

The Global AI Contest 2017 was jointly launched by Sinovation Ventures, Sogou Inc. and Toutiao. It attracted over 8,800 teams from 247 Chinese universities, 100 foreign universities and around 273 entrepreneurial creative companies.

The data provided was impressive with 10 million English-Chinese machine translation data, 700,000 human skeletal system key points data, 300,000 photo scene annotations and semantic description data.

Google, Microsoft and Facebook have made major decisions to make their AI APIs openly available to all. IBM have opened their Watson API on a ‘freemium’ basis and Elon Musk launched the OpenAI project with an impressive list of backers. These powerful resources that were developed and used by the world’s most advanced technology companies, are now available to anyone with the skills to use them.

Melody K. Smith

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