A new authoritative journal has joined the family of open access titles. Launched in 1884 and 1912, respectively, University of Hamburg’s journal Mitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen Zoologischen Museum und Institut and Entomologische Mitteilungen are now resurrected under the name of Evolutionary Systematics KnowledgeSpeak brought this news to our attention in their article, “Evolutionary Systematics joins Pensoft’s OA portfolio.”

Evolutionary Systematics is published on the Pensoft-developed technologically advanced journal publishing platform ARPHA.

Before and after rebranding, the journal has acquired a long list of technological user-friendly innovations, while keeping its well-known expertise and devotion to whole-organism biology and collection-related research. In other words, technology and biology can co-exist.

Beneath the new look and feel, there are high-tech perks that benefit authors, readers, reviewers and editors alike. Each manuscript is carried through all stages from submission and reviewing to dissemination and archiving without ever leaving the platform’s singular online environment. All publications are available in three formats (PDF, XML, HTML), complete with semantic enhancements to make content easy to access by both humans and machines.

Melody K. Smith

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