Stress is a part of all our occupations. For those climbing high-rise buildings and building dams over deep river canyons, maybe a little more than the average. However, if you are part of an organization that has been victim to a data breach, your stress could qualify you for some employee assistance program (EAP) benefits. Employee Benefit Adviser brought this topic to us in their article, “The emerging link between employee well-being and cyber security services.”

On the other side of that coin, important employee wellness benefits should include personal cyber security services. Many employers offer critical care insurance, legal consulting benefits and even pet insurance as optional perks for their employees to subscribe. Adding some level of cyber security benefits in this world where a new data breach is reported weekly, is not a stretch of the imagination.

Identity theft and the process to resolve any issues is not only stressful for employees, it has a significant impact on their productivity at work. Beyond being a benefit to an employee’s health and life, it can help with an organization’s bottom line.

Melody K. Smith

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