Backing up your system and files feels like a mundane task until you need it. When catastrophe strikes there is virtually no limit to what you would pay to restore your data. Tech Republic brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Backup vendors say 2018 will see secondary data work smarter.”

Some large companies are taking steps to do more than back-up data. They are planning to use the data in a process called copy data management. Essentially it is reducing storage consumption by eliminating the unnecessary duplication of production data. Backup software and other enterprise applications operate independently, often creating multiple copies of the same data. Redundant copies of the same data wastes storage space, slows network performance, and makes accessing or restoring data even more difficult.

They are looking for what other incremental business value is available from the data. Data mining, analysis and test applications are just a start.

Melody K. Smith

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