If you have been a frequent reader of TaxoDiary, you know that I like finding odd and unique taxonomies. I like knowing that taxonomies exist in all parts of our lives, not just information science or biology. As a book lover, this particular “taxonomy” touched many parts of my being. Geek Dad brought this interesting and intriguing information in their post titled, “‘A Taxonomy of Love’ Review Plus Q&A With Author Rachael Allen.”

As the reviewer said, “Love isn’t always a straight line. For someone who better understands connections by creating various taxonomies of everyday life in addition to the traditional scientific process of classification, learning that lesson is hard.” This story is about relationships, young relationships to be more precise. The protagonist is an aspiring scientist who looks to his trusty system of taxonomy to understand, identify and classify an important relationship.

Though the book is fiction, it illustrates the science and practice of taxonomy is a simple yet comprehensive and approachable way. It also came out at a perfectly opportune time. I just found my book club’s next book.

Melody K. Smith

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