Cybersecurity is permeating every corner of our lives. The threat of cyberattacks are not only limited to your computer anymore. The next target is probably in your pocket. This interesting information came to us from CNet in their article, “Your smartphones are getting more valuable for hackers.”

For hackers, your smart phone has access to everything they would need to know about you. It’s more important than ever to be vigilant about online security, as hackers are finding new creative ways to steal your information. Savvy digital thieves can now target your smartphone without you even knowing about it, which leaves your sensitive data at risk.

Ransomware is most commonly known with regard to healthcare providers and electronic health records. The critical data is held hostage until a fee is paid using non-traceable digital currency. What most people don’t realize is ransomware can also take over your smart phone in the same manner.

Melody K. Smith

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