The records management software organization, FileTrail, recently announced the completion of new connectors for firms looking to integrate their records management and document management platforms. This interesting information came to us from GlobeNewswire in their article, “FileTrail Leads Efforts to Integrate Retention Management and Document Management with Automated Connectors.”

With the growing importance of compliance and eDiscovery issues for many companies, combining these platforms could promote greater efficiency and improved productivity. By some estimates (and depending on the company), 90% or more of all documents are records. FileTrail connectors are now available for NetDocuments, iManage (versions 5 through 10) and OpenText eDOCS to allow users to access physical records without leaving their DMS.

FileTrail’s integration tools also include connectors to synchronize data from new business intake, provisioning, and billing systems. The connectors sync data with authority systems, eliminating redundant data entry.

Additional retention connectors will be coming online in 2018 to help firms automate retention against documents in other repositories including Box, HighQ and more.

Melody K. Smith

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