The world we live in is fast paced and all about instant gratification. Education is no exception. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting subject to our attention in their article, “Data Science in 90 Seconds: Unsupervised Machine Learning.”

This is the first installment in the Data Science in 90 Seconds video blog series from host Laura Kahn. The series covers some of the most prominent questions in data science such as supervised and unsupervised learning, k-means clusteringdecision trees and random forests, ridge regression, and more – in 90 seconds.

This installment specifically address unsupervised machine learning, which is where you only have input data and no corresponding output variables. The goal for unsupervised learning is to model the underlying structure or distribution in the data in order to learn more about the data.

These are called unsupervised learning because unlike supervised learning above there is no correct answers and there is no teacher. Algorithms are left to their own devises to discover and present the interesting structure in the data.



Melody K. Smith

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