Everyone has heard the saying, “Cheap, Fast and Good. Choose two.” The same premise goes for cloud computing. DATAVERSITY brought us this topic in their article, “Wasted Cloud: Are You Utilizing the Cloud to Its Full Potential?”

Nobody ever promised that the public cloud was about being cheap. The promise was about low overhead and elasticity, and unless you architect your applications to take advantage of those two things, your cloud strategy will miss its potential and be filled with waste.

There is no doubt that enterprise cloud computing has revolutionized how organizations deploy and manage IT resources. It helps to deliver greater levels of efficiency, availability, and scalability, while giving organizations more control over how they purchase, deploy, and pay for IT products and services.

Private cloud also offers numerous operational advantages, including the efficiency, control and choice of dedicated computing, storage, networking, and redundancy resources. There are options.

Melody K. Smith

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