Artificial intelligence (AI) is creeping its way into more and more conversations. Other terms have started to join them, which begs the question – What’s the difference between AI, machine learning, and deep learning? This very interesting topic came to us from Predictive Analytics Times in the article, “Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning: A Data Scientist’s Perspective.”

One way of looking at it is to think of their relationship as concentric circles with AI–the idea that came first–as the largest; then machine learning, which evolved later, fitting within AI.  Deep learning, which definitely underpins the current AI explosion, is the central circle.

What does one or all of these have to do with making your content findable? Bringing intelligence (artificial or otherwise) to search may come in the form of advanced analytics, deep learning or other ways that predictive analysis can benefit the user. Bringing data and AI closer together offers new advantages, especially when the data sets are extremely large. Making the search more intelligent increases the efficiency and produces more comprehensive and usable results.

Melody K. Smith

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