Access Innovations, Inc., provider of Data Harmony software solutions, is proud to announce that the Library of Congress has assigned a Classification Scheme Source Code to Access Innovations’ GEOTHES. This code assignment adds GEOTHES to the Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) standard.

MARC was developed in t 1960s by Henriette Avram, working with the U.S. Library of Congress. The goal was to create a library classification system that was easily machine-readable. MARC classification standards are now the international standard for machine-readable classification and categorization schemes. GEOTHES was created by Access Innovations as a geographic classification schema. It is a comprehensive knowledge domain which includes countries, sites of geographic interest, and named geographic features. As an Access Innovations product, the GEOTHES can easily be customized to add a semantic reasoner, enabling clients to leverage this comprehensive taxonomy by assigning semantic rules to the geographic data pertinent to the client’s business use cases.

“The University of Florida has licensed the GEOTHES as a part of our overall plan to improve our indexing capabilities on our special collections. This new classification source code assignment makes it easier to integrate our semantically-enriched records into our existing MARC schema,” says David Van Kleeck, Interim Chair, Cataloging Services, George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida. “Access Innovations goes the extra mile to support our use cases.”

“In today’s day and age, it’s important to standardize data across the board.  Geography terms are one such area where standardization has traditionally been a problem. Adding GEOTHES to the MARC standard takes us one step closer to a widely-used, unified vocabulary we can all agree on,” comments David Hansen, Production Manager at Access Innovations. “By including GEOTHES in the MARC standard, we have not only improved the University of Florida libraries’ standardization but have made this option available to a global audience.”

For more information on how GEOTHES can be customized for your organization’s use cases, contact Bob Kasenchak at Access Innovations for a demo.


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