SAGE Publishing recently acquired Lean Library and its associated products to promote the value of the academic library to patrons. This interesting information came to us from Sage Publishing in their article, “SAGE Publishing acquires Lean Library to bring library services into the patrons’ workflow.”

In research and academic libraries, getting access to databases with licensed material can be hard. Library administration is responsible for the success of library technical services and systems, as are graduates and researchers in the area of technical project management. The Lean Library browser extension provides seamless, “one-click” access to all licensed library resources, both on and off campus. At the same time, the service enables libraries to promote their services exactly when and where they are needed by delivering targeted, customizable messages directly into users’ workflows.

One of the advantages of the LEAN approach is that maintaining the tool to cope with browser changes doesn’t have to be done by the library.

Melody K. Smith

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