Self-Service Business Intelligence (SSBI) is new to the business community. The data science community is concerned that professional business users, however educated, may misunderstand or misinterpret the available data, leading to incorrect results. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Fundamentals of Self-Service Business Intelligence.”

Experienced data scientists have a tremendous ability to analyze, compare, dig through, and view data in a manner that enables insightful market intelligence. Without that deep knowledge and wide exposure to business data, ordinary business users may misread the data and miss key insights.

A good SSBI has the ability to gather and compile multi-structured data from disparate sources and then convert that data into actionable intelligence. This trend in business intelligence technology design indicates a gradual shift from a highly controlled, IT-led activity to a mainstream business activity managed by ordinary business users.

Users want the power to quickly extract and combine data from disparate sources, and then explore and query the data to arrive at instant business insights to enable prompt decision management. SSBI might be the answer.

Melody K. Smith

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