Two healthcare technology organizations have come together on two groundbreaking research projects that enable early identification of patients with bone and cardiovascular disease. This interesting topic came to us from Compelo in their article, “Zebra Medical Vision, Clalit Health Services complete two AI research projects.”

Using existing data from CTs, Zebra-Med’s algorithms allow Clalit to identify patients at risk of osteoporotic fractures and cardiac events.

There is an increasing number of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in healthcare, and especially in imaging, that aim to mimic and automate the human radiologist’ reading. The researchers believe there is a larger untapped potential in these imaging studies that can use AI to extract predictive insights unavailable to date, that support high-impact population health management.

Though this is early in research and findings, there appears to be a slew of potential benefits from such applications. AI continues to find new ways to move us forward with technology, and now, in health management.

Melody K. Smith

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