For all the bibliophiles out there whose ears perk up when hear about new words being introduced into dictionaries or in this case, when words are named the “word of the year” – this article from NPR might interest you – ‘Single-Use’ Is The 2018 Word Of The Year, Collins Dictionary Says.

The growing concern for the environment and the disdain of disposable items have pushed the word “single-use” to the top of Collins Dictionary’s list of “Word of the Year.”

Giving credit to more news coverage of environmental issues, Collins says there’s been an increase of four times the usage of the word since 2013.

Single-use “encompasses a global movement to reduce or completely abolish the addiction to disposable products. From plastic bags to straws to water bottles, there has been more focus than ever on how our habits and behaviors impact the environment.

Other words on the annual shortlist of “new and notable words that reflect an ever-evolving culture and the preoccupations of those who use it” include floss, VAR, and plogging. Don’t know their definitions? Find a dictionary.

Melody K. Smith

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