The government continues to increase its adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), but they should be sure to take the time to train the technology for agencies and maximize the potential of this powerful technology. This information came to us from Fed Scoop in their article, “Feds need to ‘raise’ AI with better data, report says.”

With AI’s potential applications ranging from freeing the workforce of administrative backlogs to providing cybersecurity protections, the technology will increasingly have to be taught by federal personnel how to perceive the data it interprets and be able to justify its decisions.

Because of the importance of good data to inform the AI systems, federal agencies will need to establish policies that ensure sound data integrity and security. Crafting frameworks focused on verifying data’s provenance, context and integrity to inform its systems and workforce, is the place to start.

By establishing a taxonomy that structures the data into a baseline for the AI application to learn from, agencies can then improve its decision making, providing officials with better outputs.

Melody K. Smith

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