China has been viewed as an innovation leader in the tech space more and more lately. Now they are growing in importance as a global figurehead in artificial intelligence (AI) research. Information Age brought this to our attention in their article, “China on verge of becoming global leader in AI research.”

According to new a study released by Elsevier, there is also an increasing trend of researchers moving from academia to industry, especially in the United States.

There seems to be some correlation between AI’s place in China’s domestic market and it’s increasing presence in academia. Over the last three years, the data shows that Chinese academia is attracting more AI talent than it is losing.

China overtook the United States in AI research output back in 2004. Now, Europe is in its cross hairs on their journey to become the biggest source of AI research globally in as little as four years, if the pace of current trends continues.

Melody K. Smith

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