The relationship between technology and standards is key to pushing standards toward an industry-wide adoption. This interesting topic came to us from Waters Technology in their article, “Semantics Takes Tech to Tango.”

Blockchain is an example of a technology that depends on the advancement of semantics and ontologies. Here we are, 2,000 years after the Greeks first imagined ontologies, and the concept has been applied to a wide variety of knowledge.

Ironically, though it is required from an ontology to be formally defined, there is no common definition of the term ontology itself. The definitions are typically categorized into one of three groups: a Philosophy field dealing with the nature of existence; an explicit specification of conceptualization; or a body of knowledge describing some domain.

In the context of the semantic web we often speak about ontologies as a way of defining and classifying things in relation to each other.

Melody K. Smith

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