IBM Research has built an artificial intelligence (AI) system that has the capability of analyzing 300 million articles, papers or records on a given topic and construct a persuasive speech about it – in 10 minutes. To put that in perspective, it would take a human—reading twenty-four hours a day—about 2,000 years to get through the same material. This interesting information came to us from Forbes in their article, “IBM’s AI Machine Makes A Convincing Case That It’s Mastering The Human Art Of Persuasion.

Project Debater is the latest AI technology for IBM and according to Talia Gershon, IBM’s director of research strategy, ” “It is a demonstration of AI’s ability to understand language well enough to construct and represent a really persuasive point of view about a complex topic.”

This project is a major milestone toward understanding language. The AI system can complement human decision-making by bringing in facts and evidence in a persuasive, logical structure. The legal system may not know what is about to hit them.

Melody K. Smith

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