The construction of knowledge databases, knowledge process assistance, resources sharing, and data sharing all provide an information space for knowledge workers to more easily explore new ideas. This interesting information came to us from ZAPDF in their article, “The Research of Knowledge Organization based on Linked Data under Information Space.”

Information space is the set of concepts and relations held by an information system. It describes the range of possible values or meanings an entity can have under the given rules and circumstances. Information space is valuable. The advantage is to have the same access to data by expanding the search capabilities.

When you think about the information space of the internet, people’s conceptual experience of the web is metaphorical and understood through the process of conceptual integration.

Navigation is a basic part of human experience. Walking across a parking lot, driving to work, and searching for an item in a store or library all involve navigation: moving from one point to another in physical space. That is a good, but basic, example of information space. Paths, relationships and action.

Melody K. Smith

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