Access Innovations, Inc., provider of Data Harmony software solutions, is proud to announce that the Data Harmony MAIstro™ software is now available as a Docker Swarm on Amazon Web Service (AWS). The Data Harmony Suite supports deep data mining, high accuracy metadata tagging of information objects, and applying taxonomies and other controlled vocabularies for excellent search, discovery, and retrieval. The multi-faceted artificial intelligence algorithms are enhanced with a rules-based concept extractor providing the user full control of machine learning and semantic enrichment activities.

“Our clients’ need for processing ever-growing data sets drove the birth of the Data Harmony Docker Swarm in the (AWS) cloud,” commented Marjorie M. K. Hlava, President of Access Innovations, Inc. “When a client needs to send large amounts of data through our platform, the AWS Docker Swarm model is a simple solution that ensures real-time processing of data. The model can be expanded infinitely, allowing for the processing of any amount of data in parallel.”

“The future of Data Harmony lies with being able to process such increasingly large amounts of data,” said Jay Ven Eman, CEO of Access Innovations, Inc. “As search engines and other platforms, such as Google and Facebook, come under increasing scrutiny for their practices with user data, users are questioning the implications of these platforms and wondering whether something better exists.

“The answer lies with Data Harmony, not only due to user privacy but also for its unparalleled ability to inject context into search results. Flat searches, which lack context and return results due to interference from user statistics, appear to be a dying trend. This death is especially true in the scientific and industrial communities where context is king. Such data is difficult to sort and sift through without being able to ascribe meaning to the data.”

“Often the volume of research data is vast, which is why we have implemented the cloud version of Data Harmony,” remarked Jeffrey Gordon, System Developer at Access Innovations, Inc. “With these implementations, we have removed a significant barrier of entry for those communities by allowing them to quickly index their data, turning search to found.”

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