Artificial intelligence (AI) is not new. Many applications being utilized today have incorporated AI  into their technology. This will likely not be changing anytime soon. This technology has the potential to advance our world as we know it. This interesting topic came to us from Analytics India in their article, “Understanding The Artificial Intelligence Taxonomy And Its Ecosystem.”

Many call this a new era of the industrial revolution. If this is true, AI – in its many varieties – will definitely be a key driver in pushing us forward.

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is generally associated with the human-like part of AI. It can understand as the human brain does, combining human-like thinking with computational abilities and can perform intellectual tasks as humans can.

There is also artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) that covers specific tasks like image classification or  game playing. IBM Watson is an example of this type of AI because it uses machine learning algorithms and has abilities of natural language processing to make decisions.

Melody K. Smith

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