As the world of technology and data management changes and machine learning advances, there is a renewed interest in the value taxonomies and ontologies can bring to the project. KM World brought this interesting information to us in their article, “The Importance of ‘Smart’ Taxonomy- and Ontology-Enabled Resources.

Recently Deborah McGuinness, Tetherless World Senior Constellation Chair, & Professor, Computer, Cognitive & Web Sciences, RPI, looked at the importance of taxonomies and ontologies, and the strategies for creating ones that endure over time in an educational opportunity titled “‘Smart’ Taxonomy- and Ontology-Enabled Resources.” According to McGuinness, the previous models of labor-intensive, centralized vocabulary construction and maintenance do not mesh well in today’s interdisciplinary world.

Terminologies need humans and automated systems alone are not good enough to rely on. “I actually do want to put myself out of a job,” said McGuinness. Done well, taxonomies and ontologies will have longevity.

Melody K. Smith

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