Business in changing and the world of data management is changing right along with it. Data warehousing and analytics are driving the push to modernize metadata management. This interesting information came to us from Transforming Data With Intelligence (TWDI) in their article, “How Modern Metadata Management Can Boost BI Productivity.”

Why change? Why modernize metadata and why now? Business decision makers can no longer wait weeks or months while new reports are built or a new subject area is added to the warehouse. They need real data in real time. Competitors are moving faster and businesses have to keep up. To become more agile and lean, it is important to have the right kind of metadata and other semantics.

Automation can be done through machine learning, which can enable a kind of predictive analytics within a metadata management tool. The result is metadata management that can parse data and do a better job of predicting how you want to represent that data in the metadata realm.

Melody K. Smith

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