Factory jobs have been a mainstay for decades, especially in the Midwest. Where I grew up, almost everyone’s parents worked for one of two large automobile-related production companies in the area. It was seen as a secure, well-paid position with generous benefits. Things have changed for many reasons and one is technology. This interesting news came to us from BeInCrypto in their article, “Ford Cuts 7,000 Jobs, Turns Towards Emerging Technology.”

This latest news of job reductions from Ford is unique in that the firings will all be white-collar positions within the company. This means professionals in product development, marketing, information technology, logistics, etc.

According to Ford, the firings are in line with the company’s new embrace of automation and emerging technologies. Recently, the company revealed its $11B investment into electric and autonomous driving technology.

Looking forward, they are also attempting to cultivate a digital mobility ecosystem which involves ride-sharing and self-driving vehicles. Inevitably blockchain, autonomous vehicles, and other emerging technologies will be the direction the industry goes.

Melody K. Smith

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