Gender inequity and pay gaps exist in every field of work, but science and technology probably fight the hardest battle in getting women interested in emerging technologies. Information Management brought this interesting information to us in their article, “AI’s toughest challenge – Encouraging more women data scientists.”

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry, however, just might be responsible for driving new innovations into the hands of both genders with the potential to completely transform the way society operates.

It is easy to assume that machines are neutral, but in reality, they aren’t. AI tools and technologies are themselves created by humans and feed on real-world data, including real world social biases. As AI plays a more important role in everyday decision-making, this will become ever more problematic.

The headlines are full of reports about failed machine learning systems that amplify, rather than rectify, sexist hiring practices, racist criminal justice procedures, predatory advertising, and the spread of false information.

Melody K. Smith

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