Humanity is in a commercial race for bigger sales and an increased diversity. The appetite for technological entertainment grows exponentially with touch-screens, smart-phones, and intelligent data, to name just a few. This very interesting information came to us from the Chestnut Post in their article, “Emerging Technologies Bring Us Accelerated Happiness.

This interest in emerging technologies on the big screen is driving the interest on the smaller screens. Movies and books (that are eventually turned into movies) are feeding the interest and imagination of more than just the youth of today.

The development of recent and emerging technology has affected society in the way we communicate, work, learn, and function. As technology becomes smarter, opportunities for rapid technological advancements are becoming seemingly endless, but so are their ethical implications. There is no denying that real and virtual social networks are a significant part of our lives. How will this near-addiction to technology control our social behavior tomorrow?

Storytelling itself is evolving. Within media and entertainment, the number of distribution vectors continues to grow. The sector is also experiencing a period of punctuated evolution.

Melody K. Smith

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