Deep learning feels like a new term. However, the origins of deep learning and neural networks actually date back to the 1950s. Built In brought this interesting information to us in their article, “History of Deep Learning: Formative Moments That Shaped The Technology.”

When British mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing predicted the future existence of a supercomputer with human-like intelligence, scientists began trying to simulate the human brain, however simplistic and rough the effort was.

In 1986: Carnegie Mellon professor and computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton was among several researchers who helped make neural networks trendy, scientifically speaking. However the term deep learning was not coined until 2006.

Now deep learning is being utilized in virtual assistants, self-driving cars, image recognition, and targeted advertising – just to name a few. Deep learning has changed the way we look at technologies. It is predicted that within the next five to 10 years, deep learning development tools, libraries, and languages will become standard components of every software development toolkit.

Melody K. Smith

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