Machine learning and other emerging technologies are finding new purposes every day. Lately, machine learning is being utilized to predict raging wildfire’s intensity and spread. This interesting information came to us from Futurity in their article, “Machine Learning Predicts How Big Wildfires Will Get.”

Built around a machine learning algorithm, this particular model can help forecast whether a wildfire will be small, medium, or large by the time it has run its course. This can be very useful knowledge to those in charge of allocating scarce firefighting resources.

According to lead author Shane Coffield, a doctoral student in earth system science at the University of California, Irvine, it is important for a social media application – “We can think about what properties of a specific tweet or post might make it blow up and become really popular—and how you might predict that at the moment it’s posted or right before it’s posted.”

Melody K. Smith

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