Data has long been identified as one of the most valuable assets an organization possesses. How essential, then, is it for enterprises to adopt a strategy and framework that will manage their data? CDO Trends brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Data Management No Longer an IT Issue.”

For some professional and industry leaders, it is more than just managing data. You need to take advantage of the potential your data possesses. Capitalize on your data by creating, understanding and controlling it better than your competition does their data.

There are 27 billion active connected devices, with 127 new ones coming online every second. It isn’t hard to see that data storage is becoming a considerable challenge. It is growing four times faster than the world economy. To harness its power, companies need a next-generation data management platform.

Security is a driving factor as well. As data breaches and cyber attacks continue to proliferate, users and companies need new adaptive security models that use predictive analytics. Perimeter security measures often fail because of a lack of internal governance and prevention.

Melody K. Smith

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