Sometimes it is nice to approach a serious topic with some lightheartedness. This is the case for the STM Tech Trends 2023 – a discussion forum of over 30 STM members aimed at identifying key trends that may impact the STM publishing industry between now and 2023. In April of 2019 at the STM U.S. Conference in Washington, DC they launched the newest edition of their annual Tech Trends future forecast.

Some of the key findings of the discussion were: open science, accessible research data, open publishing platforms, easy workflows, and efficient tools for reproducibility. They also explored easy and seamless access to personalization services, better author metadata, decentralized identity management, fact-based science, collaboration, shared infrastructure, optimizing research systems for big data, and artificial intelligence.
This unique multimedia approach to underscore the forthcoming events in our ever-changing industry is engaging. Highlighting the desire for diversity in hiring and research, it touches on the customer and the science with music and humor, while not devaluing the quality of the topic.

Melody K. Smith

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